Susu, Savings & Loans Management System

The Susu, Savings & Loan Management System is an advanced Management Information System designed specifically for the micro-finance sector. It facilitates efficient tracking of susu, savings, loans and supports basic accounting system.

The Susu, Savings & Loan Management System can be used "over the counter" and in the "back-office"; it's applicable in a decentralized environment (at the branch level) and in a centralized one (at the head office).

The Susu, Savings & Loan Management System has four integrated modules: the Client Module, the Susu Module, the Savings Module, the Loans Module and the Accounting Module.

The Susu, Savings & Loan Management System works with all categories of clients Individuals, Groups and Business/Institutions which could be configured to suit different methodologies.

Whatever the size of your business - small, midsize or multinational conglomerate and whatever the size of your loan portfolio, our Loans Management System can do the job.

Product Highlights

• Client Data Management • Employee Data Management
• Susu Deposit and Susu Pay-Out • Savings Deposit and Withdrawals
• Loan Application • Loans Approvals
• Loan Scheduling and Calculations • Loan Repayment
• And Others

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